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  • Numa Feeds Limited is a medium, rural-based agribusiness company located in Kabwohe/Itendero Town, Sheema District, in western Uganda, about 300km west of the capital Kampala.

    It was founded in 1995 and officially registered as a limited company in 1997. Owned by two shareholders, Mr. Robert Matsiko and Mrs. Mercy Matsiko, Numa Feeds L.t.d started as a feed processing company and has since graduated to processing of grains for human consumption.

    As grain processors intended for human consumption, we handle every grain with utmost care and attention through our quality assurance standards and procedures. By incorporating the direct contacts we have with our partners from seed to production to processing, we offer a complete package for every customer. Numa offers an array of products from millet, cassava, maize, soybean and amaranth. Our sales outlets are located in Kabwohe, Mbarara and Kyengera.

    Customer Testimonials

    You make your products with your customers in mind, thank you! I live in the USA, my dream is to import numa karo and bushera and bring them to Ugandans in the diaspora. To bring quality Uganda food to their tables in the USA. Something most of us living outside home miss.
    I was recently in Uganda over the burial of my Father Muzei Muzira Modernson. I hail from Kabwohe _Sheema where your  beautiful millet flour mixed with cassava  is packed. I bought some few packets from a Supermarket in Kampala to enjoy while here in Japan where i live. I'm happy to send you this message thanking you for a good job done on thoroughly sorting out stones from the millet and cassava. It is very delicious and i enjoy it. I will buy more when i come over again.In Christ Alone.
    Benon Muzira Bainomigisha

VISION: A centre of excellence in the provision of quality nutrious grain products

MISSION: To provide superior options in human and animal nutrition for better livelihoods